Monday, 12 November 2012

Counter-Strike Online Cash Hack 2012 Updated!

Hello to all Counter-Strike Online Players out there...i'm releasing a new CASH hack just for you!
Good news to all Counter-Strike Online players cause u guys can credit any amount of CASH to Your CSO Account without any Hesitation, And dont worry u wont be banned cause it will be credited like u purchase from a CSO prepaid card, its that simple! dunt believe? well u dont know till u tried it rite? heres some screenshot.


Reminder: Open as Administrator

Include Tutorial on how to use the simple hack in the folder! :)

Download Link:

 Virus FREE 100% Dont believe? Please do a virus scan before use :)


  1. Didn't even work. Bruve ur soo mosit! Swear on ur life it worked for u! Fking sideman! 100% free no virus! Erm.... Lies!!!!!!! Cash hack doesn't exist! Wts ur nickname for cso! I will add u! Proof?

  2. hey can any one please gift me a good weapon if u can I would really appreciate it , my id is aland97 please gift me and many thanks